Anstey Way

Anstey Way was part of an extensive programme of public art, commissioned as part of the new housing built by Cambridge Investment Partnership (CIP). The public art projects were delivered under the title of ‘Resonance-Cambridge’, which saw the delivery of a broad range of community events, together with artwork installed across the sites.

‘Old Roots, New Shoots’ by Sarah Sabin

The artworks Sabin has produced for Anstey Way have been informed by the history of farming, the former Plant Breeding Institute that had been located near the site, and the ongoing horticulture in the community including the allotments and community garden.

The background image for the tiles has been created from digitally manipulated and layered cyanotypes (a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print). These have been produced by local residents and pupils and created from plant life found locally. The background design has then been overlayed with further imagery to make eight, distinct tiled entrances.






Sarah wanted each entrance to have an individual identity. To create the themes, subjects and objects related to Trumpington have been overlaid onto the base design.