Winter Gardens

Client: Winter Gardens Primary School and Essex County Council’s Capital Builds Team
Artist: Tom Pearman
Location and Date: Canvey Island 2009

For the Winter Garden Primary School, Tom created a series of artworks that explore a sense of openings, doorways or journeys to another world, place or culture. This is represented by the introduction of artworks that take on the appearance of false stairs, a door, and a window. These artworks reflect a theme that is found in children’s literature in books by C S Lewis and Lewis Carol, for example. The theme of traveling somewhere in one’s imagination is fun and exciting is part of the creative process and is a process that children employ throughout the day as part of their learning, problem-solving and playing.

Working with the school children a series of 3D ‘sets’ were created, exploring the different techniques that can be employed to provide the illusion of depth and perspective.

The artwork faux door has been fabricated using machined dual-coloured industrial plastic and references Roy Lichtenstein’s iconic pop art paintings.